Sunday, August 13, 2017

Children ilham art tour

5 aug2017

Ilham gallery organize art tour for children, paid rm35...and art facilitor, Li hsien and Michelle are thoughtful and friendly.

From the art tour, only I knew that my boy is so into drawing. The cages and the polygon art gives a different visual for each kid.

A tour to the art gallery full of Malaysia cultures, color contrast and a simplified story telling version on art. I always appreciate and love to see culture and art, but I think it might be too much info for a kid at 3 to get the whole picture of the explanation. Might be different interest for each kid. My boy isn't interested into the art gallery tour, he cried and throw tantrums. The session ended with a simple 3d map art, which mostly done by me. 

Additional remark: expensive rm15 for the 2-3 hours car park fee at ilham gallery. My car battery was dead, luckily there are strangers helping me, and none of the security offered help or keen to see what's wrong although passing by. and so, my ticket has surpassed the 15 mins grace period leaving the car park. Explained to the cs in the speaker, don't give a shit or bother about me.  Insist by asking me to pay another rm15, and they say they r based in hq and don't care what has happened. Jeez, u think I want to cheat u over rm15 parking fee? Not considerate at all! Worse, there was the attendant stationed in those normal parking counter. Ask me park aside, n want me pay extra rm5 just to let me go,n validate the ticket. I was alone with two kids. N they just want to take advantage. I just stand firm and argued that this isn't right. Finally, they let me go but guess what? They returned my money only when I asked, else they wanted to charge me, but keeping the money by themselves if u didn't stand on your ground. Another mommy helped me n she herself also surpass the 15 mins period. She, again, was being asked to pay. I saw the whole scene and quickly inform her no need to pay anything as the parking staff should be at here to solve problems and not earning extra cash and take advantage in difficult situations. Plus, there was no other men helping us women. Such a terrible incident.

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