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Enjoy Your Tea at Home with Hi-Tea Boutique - Flower Teas, Fruit Teas, Loose Teas

10 June 2016 - Now, who don't love tea? I guess most of us will least have a sip of tea, especially in the morning, during tea time, and high tea session, when you sip your cup of tea and enjoying your sweet little cakes!

Now, time to enjoy some really great tea at home. Hi-Tea boutique offers you a wide range of flower tea, fruit tea, and loose teas.

  • Hi-Tea Flower Tea Series: A total of 5 different series of blends which include the Health Series, Beauty Series, Anti-Aging Series, Slimming Series and also Relaxation Series. Prepared the special flower tea series, so that you know what you need, without frustrated selecting a wide range of flower teas. It seems that flower teas are so popular to retain our youth and beauty. metabolism; Flavonoids are diuretic and aid in cardiovascular protection. Regular consumption of flower tea does not only enhances one’s beauty, improves one’s eyesight, eases one’s mind, but also effective in slimming and helps in the recuperation of illnesses. In hi-Tea website, it was written that tThe history of flower tea could be traced to the Ancient Egyptian era. (But I still believe China started first, as Chinese enjoyed drinking Chinese Tea for centuries, haha, I am such a loser!)
  • Hi-Tea Loose Tea (now, what is loose tea?): ah ha, if you like single (one) type of tea, Hi-Tea has 5 popular selections of loose teas. These include the Natural Chamomile Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, French Rose Tea, Lemon Grass Tea, and Peppermint Tea.
  • Hi-Tea Fruit Tea: 100% natural products, including flowers and fresh fruits, both dried and mixed. No caffeine, flavouring/colouring or additives. Hi-Tea fruit teas are full of vitamins, fruit acids and minerals with natural colouring.

Did I make a flower pattern successfully? Nah, failed!

So I started off with sweet osmanthus. Sweet Osmanthus gives you a light and sweet taste. The moment I pour in hot water, you can smell a light fragrance from these dried golden yellowish Osmanthus. Well, turned out this is a beauty secret tea! Sweet Osmanthus is good for digestive system and coughing. It can also help in soothing your lungs. Sweet Osmanthus flower tea aids in purifying the skin and also constipation.

Alright, here comes the brewing instructions:

  1. Place 5 gram of flower tea (1 teaspoon) into 300ml mug. 
  2. Pour in some hot water to wash off the first rinse of the flower tea. (Jeez, I didn't know about this step at all)
  3. Add in 300ml of hot water.
  4. Steep it for 3-5 minutes.
  5. And it is ready! You may add honey if you want to.

I used the only teapot that I have at home - my Chinese wedding teapot, haha!

See the light tea color? Well, all I know was I was so calm and feel so relaxed after drinking Sweet Osmanthus, that I went to sleep after finishing my tea. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

Hawthorn Tea - Hawthorn, also known as may flower, is a solid, thorny bush related to the rose family. (Can you believe it? From its look, I was like, from the rose family?) Grows in moist climates, Hawthorn tea is most widely known for its medicinal uses and primarily for its cardiovascular applications. (Like a heart-healing tea!)

Hawthorn tea gives you an unpleasant odor and a slightly bitter taste. According to the internet, hawthorn tea can increase the strength of your heart's contractions and useful for treating anxiety.

The Apple Rose Fruit Tea uses 100% pure flower and fresh fruits, all dried and mixed. It does not contain any caffeine, flavoring/coloring or additives. Sense the fruity scent with a bit of sour and some tangerine flavour as you drink. The flower teas in this fruit tea are Dried Apple, Roselle, French Rose, and Orange.

Well, guess I no need to explain much on Peppermint Tea - going light, with the minty and sweet flavour. Something to learn about peppermint tea. Peppermint Tea can activates your brain cells improving your blood circulation, improve your breathing system, making you more calm and relaxed but....

Take note, as Peppermint Tea is not suitable for pregnant and breasts feeding woman. (Oh my god, I didn't know about this!) Avoid taking peppermint if you’re having coughs with weak lungs, and don't drink before you sleep!

Blooming Tea or more commonly to be known as flower tea, consist a bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around one or more dried flowers. 

Please prepare the blooming tea in clear glass or transparent materials. Once you pour in the hot water, you will see the graceful tea leaves slowly expands and unleash its beauty, just like a blooming flower, where the flower lays on the centre. It started out bitter yet fragrant, but when you add on hot water, slowly it will be lighter.

However, for Hi-Tea Boutique Blooming Tea, it didn't indicate whether which flowers and what type of tea leaves are being wrapped into the bulb shape. My first impression upon getting the blooming tea was like: "How come it only comes in one hard bulb shape, when others were in their real tea leaves? Ahhhh, after steeping the blooming tea, only then I realized the masterpiece of blooming tea.

What I like about Hi-Tea is:

  • Its packaging. Their flower teas are packed into food graded zip lock bag to ensure the freshness even after you open and reseal the remaining flower teas.
  • They have 18 types of flower teas.
  • Others different loose teas for you to mix with the flower teas. However, don't simply mix the teas. follow the right tea recipe, check it out:

Oh ya, do remember to store the flower teas in cool and dry place, for eg: refrigerator.


Now, would you like a cup of Hi-Tea? You can buy it online, or if you want to make bulk purchase, contact Hi-Tea to get special price!

Simple Chinese food stalls @Ampang - local sweet desserts, fried noodles, porridge, noodles soup, curry laksa

18 June 2016 - I remembered I missed those economy noodles and simple sweet dessert soups back then. even those in shops or those from night market are really terrible.

Just one night, I went to buy steamed bun from Mr Pao, that is located near to Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo. And then from an eye distance, I noticed there are people walking out from a house located far back at the end. I ask Mr Pao: "What are they selling over there?"

"Oh, those are the food stalls serving economy noodles, porridge, claypot yee mee, curry laksa, and many more..."

I was like, those were the stalls that I thought they have dissappeared. I remembered coming to the food stalls when I was young, and ahhhh, they have moved in further to a house.

So later I asked the young guy that is helping his families who serve you sweet dessert soup, fried snacks, and economy noodles. why did they move in? turned out JPJ come and take away all the tables and chairs because they sell the food and drinks by the roadside.

Here, we have fried popiah, fried vegetables, fried chicken, fried fishcake, fried wanton dumpling, fried yam and many other fried snack.

The other stall is selling - pork/ chicken porridge, claypot yee mee and curry laksa. I have to pack my food as I was in a rush and I was bringing my baby.

Another stall sells cendol, ABC, Ice blended Ai Yu Jelly, and others drinks.

There you go, to see the greedy me. I bought fried meehoon, glutinous rice, popiah, red bean soup, fried dumpling and fried vegetables. I don't know how did the aunty fried the snacks, but i would say the fragant just fill up my whole car as I drove back, making me want to grab a bite in the car. Well, don't expect all these food are being served warm, you can heat them up in a microwave.

I also bought Ai Yu Bing, a QQ jelly with some sour lime. It was mixed with lots of blended ice, so I don't really like it, and it wasn't nice too.

I am missing all these simple food!


Opening hours: Opens from 6-11pm, closed every Thursday

I give you the nearest landmark, Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo. When you are facing Foong Foong, turn right and walk till the end, only then you will see the hidden food stalls in the furthest house.

Or else, ask the guy who sells steamed bun and dim sum.

Add: Jalan Merdeka, Kampung Baru Ampang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia

Google Map:

Happy Seafood Noodles in Aluminium Foil @ Hari Hari Datang Foodcourt, Ampang

12 June 2016 - Well, after my normal jogging by the Ampang Hilir lake/ park, I drive to the nearest food court, Hari Hari Datang Foodcourt. Well, basically, there's nothing much to shout out for this Food Court.

The local coffee and tea are really just below average. If I saw the foreign workers who are cooking the food, I won't be interested in trying out the food.

At here: those that passed my taste bud are: pan mee, real pork noodles, kampong/ herbal/ wine pork/ chicken soup (same stall), fishhead noodles. The steamed fish stall is pretty delicious and the fish is fresh too.

Uncle who is selling some local delicacies and biscuits are good too.

I noticed this new seafood noodles being wrapped in aluminium foil, the stall call themselves - Happy Noodles. Let's see if I am happy after eating their noodles, haha!

Their signature is seafood noodles - mini clams and big prawns. Aunty said their soup is very sweet, clear soup. You can choose one with a little spicy, and one is totally clear soup.

So I ordered the prawn and clams noodles soup. the best was to eat with glass noodles (tung hoon). Joining along the soup is some simple vegetables, and mushrooms. The soup will be cooked with garlic and ginger.

First 'soupy' drinking the soup, yummy yummy, here's comes the delicious soup! The soup was like making me falling in love to keep on digging on the soup till the very last drop.

Later on, I noticed the cook cooked the ingredients and noodles in a pot in high heat, only then, place into the aluminium wrap that was placed in a bowl. I went to ask why do you need the aluminium wrap then. He told me it is for hygiene purpose, new creation, and it is less toxic since the high heat food wasn't placed into a plastic bowl directly.

Well, something new ya! Soup is superb for me.... seafood soup :)


Happy Noodles @ Hari Hari Datang Foodcourt, Ampang
Address: Malaysia, 10, Persiaran Ampang, Desa Pahlawan, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Google Map:

How I design my gift for Father's Day - PrintCious

18 June 2016 - So, here come's Father's Day! So what should I prepare for my husband? So, my hubby always enjoy drinking coffee, so a special mug will be good! So, I placed my order, but waited for 1 week, but yet to get the delivery. Argh, I was so nervous, few more days and here comes Father's Day.

So I make a quick message in Printcious Facebook page, informing the admin my order number and explained to the admin that the item was supposed to be sent within 3-5 working days (within Klang Valley).

You know the urge of ordering things online, you want to get it delivered to your doorstep right away, because you paid, and had decided to purchase the items.

Phew, luckily the admin told me my items was on the way, shipped and delivered. Yeah!

Received the item on Friday, two days before Father's Daty!

Wrapped my gift using present wrapper....and and....

Tada! with our family photo printed on the white mug, and great wishes of Happy Father's Day 2016 in English and Italian (Words are on the other side, so you can't see it)

How much is the mug? RM 35, but RM 28 after discount. I do remember that I have limited art shape to play around. The image and its colour are nicely printed on the mug.

But overall, the shopping experience was awesome and the -no-sense-design in me can able to make the father a Happy Father's Day indeed.

So, now you know where to design, personalised your own gifts, or even shop some cool designs that you are crazy for?



Join Printcious under my special invitation link:

Printcious promises you:
  • 7 Days Free Return if you are unhappy with the items you received.
  • Free Delivery Above RM 60 for West Msia
Tel: +6019.3232.502

DIY Art Print Father's Day Card - Baby and Mommy Teamwork

18 June 2016 - I have been exploring to think what's the easiest way to make a DIY card. Well, I am definitely not an artist or painter. Browse through the internet and saw many children just draw or paint their hands/ feet on the card. I was like, this is easy, shouldn't be that hard!

So I gotta find art paint that is non-toxic and colors that can be washed off easily, so that we know it is safe for the kids.

Read some reviews online where the mommies use food coloring to make the colour paint. Some colors were even hard to be washed off! Nah, gotta save the hassle.

I and baby went to Popular Bookshop, and we were wandering around the art section. I have no idea what I need to buy. Luckily, the staff guide me and tell me to buy this Finger Paint by Pop Artz. 4 different colours, non-toxic, safe, acid-free. Nice. 50 ml in total. Alright, good to have different colours as well.

I opened the container and you can see how thick the color is. I had tried to dilute the painting with very little water, but the hand print on paper wasn't impressive.

And I just go, whatever! Just place the thick art paint on my baby's hands and feet. One colour one at a time of course.

And so, here is the 'masterpiece':

Left and right feet of my baby.

Left and right hands of my little baby.

And this is the mess. Well, I couldn't find any newspaper or big paper to place on the floor. Gotta be cautious next round.

Gotta bring baby to the toilet to wash off the art colours.

He himself admires his own work....LOL.

and I helped to write all Father's Day wishes.

Happy Father's Day and Buona Festa del Papa!

Do you have any more DIY craft ideas? share with me in the comment box below!

Printcious - Customized gifts for you and your loved ones

23 June 2016 - The only gift I always like is when you only own the only one, and no other have the same gift - customized gift, and with special words being crafted on it, or you can print your memorable photo on the gift.

I have been wanted to start a similar gift customization website/ service in the past, but alas, doesn't have any connection with any gift supplier, and has limited knowledge in setting up e-commerce.

So as I was browsing through my Facebook like the everyday task, I saw Printcious is promoting its service on Facebook. Well, you got me, as I was thinking what gift should I get for Father's Day.

Printcious, with its tagline - Precious Gift from Your Heart. Now, there's two part of categories - Items that you can purchase exactly the same pre-designed items, or you can create your own, by adding own words, font, and image.

Items that they sell and items that you can design too:
  • T-Shirts
  • Mugs 
  • Cushions 
  • Phone Cases 
  • Ceramic Tiles 
  • Puzzles 
  • Mousepads 
  • Mini Tees 
  • Baby Rompers
  • Coasters
Let me try to test on their online navigation and also how easy it was to customize the product:

Baby rompers are always that cute:

At here, you can see that item description, price, sizes and the quantity you want to print.

When you click on 'Customise It' You have the tool settings of adding text, image, QR code, and Barcode. You can also adjust the font size and the font type.

The green box indicates the safety lines to print your desired designs.

Overall, you can see I type in my name, but ish, this baby romper was not for me, okay? Can't even fit into my head!

So, now you know where to design, personalised your own gifts, or even shop some cool designs that you are crazy for?

Printcious also accept bulk order, with the minimum order of 20 pcs of the same item. Just drop them an email, and they shall give you a special corporate price.



Join Printcious under my special invitation link:

Printcious promises you:
  • 7 Days Free Return if you are unhappy with the items you received.
  • Free Delivery Above RM 60 for West Msia
Tel: +6019.3232.502

Han Han Restaurant 涵菡五味馆, Ampang - Braised Rice with Secret Ingredients

21 June 2016 - There are mommies recommend me to come to Han Han Restaurant 涵菡五味馆 in Ampang. Finally, I manage to get to dine in Han Han in one of the hot afternoon days.

Luckily, the traditional wood and marble furniture, indoor air-conditioned restaurant, with some of the press clippings, and some classic Chinese paintings hanging on the wall.

Red lanterns and a brick wall-cashier area, where the server prepares your fresh fruit juices and other beverages.

I ordered the fresh orange juice RM 6.90, cold green tea RM 4, and 5 beans sweet dessert soup. I would say they give you the best and make sure all are being served big in sizes for you. The 5 beans sweet dessert RM 4.50 was too much for me, probably I am have not tried 5 beans dessert soup before.

We ordered their fried meatballs 6 pcs RM 9. When it comes to fried, and minced meatballs, well, what you gonna say? Han Han gives you meats more than the flour and starches, giving you the real taste of minced meat.

Now here is the real thing - A full bowl of balanced diet of rice - braised pork belly, chopped fried chicken drumstick, mixed shredded vegetables and little of glass noodles, half braised boiled egg, one big bowl of white rice and braised minced pork, all at RM 15.90. If me, I couldn't even finish the whole bowl, so much yet delicious!

Braised dishes have always been my favourite, the whole taste of the sauce or soup totally goes into the meat or vegetables. However, I think the fried chicken was probably left 'cold' for a while, as I remembered, it was not that hot when it was served, maybe the 'chicken' was waiting for other dishes to be in the bowl of rice, that's why it was cold!

The lady who served us was so soft-spoken, and friendly. My usual style to ask for food: "what's your signature or your specialities?" Of course, in Han Han, it's definitely all their rice menu.

For their noodles, I ordered their pan mee RM 8.50. All their noodles are handmade; so I would say the noodles are still all good, but if only to comment about Pan mee, not the best for me, because well, they serve noodles just to complete the customer's preferences, and not because they are specialized in noodles.


My thoughts - Portion was big, worth for money, and do come for their braised rice. I believe they can give you home-cooked meal and drinks.

Han Han specialities - 涵菡五味馆的招牌菜有卤花腩肉饭,猪扒饭,炸肉丸饭,鸡扒饭,姜芽鸭饭等,而五味馆的特色就是用一种秘制肉碎配搭出各种不同面食和饭类。

Translated into English - Braised pork belly rice, porkchop rice, fried minced meatball, chicken chop rice, ginger duck rice. Their secret recipes - using minced meat with special ingredients to create different dishes for you.

Restaurant Name: Han Han Restaurant 涵菡五味馆

Add: No. 51-G, Jalan Wawasan 2/1, Bandar Baru Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Ampang, 68000

TELEPHONE: 03-4296 5931

Facebook (but not active) -

Google Map:

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Malaysia's first Champagne and Caviar Caffè - M Marini's Caffe

22 August 2015 - Got the crave to go and enjoy good food in M Marini's Caffe again, so here I am. Not an ordinary Italian cafe, M Marini's Caffe is Malaysia's first Champagne and Caviar Caffè, the personality of making you feeling luxury, chic, yet casual and comfortable, just like an epicure savor on the fine food and wine being served at M Marini's Caffe.

Amazing massive salads, cold pastas, fresh seafood, simple coffee with the scrumptious big breakfast that you could enjoy all day, and much more being offered to you.

This time round, a mixture of little Asian, Japanese cuisine into the world of M Marini's Caffe food.

Salmon fillet- Roasted salmon fi llet with teriyaki sauce served with mashed potatoes and fresh greens RM 42. Given three pieces of salmon fillets definitely make me sinful to finish all of them.

Potato salad with salmon - Potato salad with Japanese cucumber and carrots tossed in housemade mayonnaise topped with salmon - RM 29. I was like 'potato salad'? Turned out this fine classic dish turn me on for more.

Favourite Asian duo Roasted chicken and seared yellow n tuna served with mesclun leaves, cherry tomatoes, sesame seeds, poached egg and M Marini Ca è special house dressing - RM 35. Bursting flavours melting in your mouth, now, who can tell you salad can be done being extraordinary?

Well, let's go back to the Italian cuisine for a while.

Creamy chicken alfredo - Sliced chicken with mushrooms and cream sauce - RM 33. Well, creamy was normally my style of eating pasta, but this top-rated cream, butter, and cheeses pasta sauce really go well with the spaghetti.

Crème brûlée - Classic crème brûlée in vanilla avour - RM 16. A rich custard base (sugar crush) topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel, kinda reminds me of the Chinese traditional steamed egg pudding, but it is not to be compared with any of the egg puddings at all!

M Marini's Caffe LCG04 Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Landmark: Next to Versace, near to Chanel boutique
Mon-Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Phone: 03-2386 6030

Google Map:

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Various Italian Desserts @Palazzo Viva Bangsar - Macarons, Pastries, Cakes, Tarts, Chocolates

21 June 2015 - When we heard of a new Italian outlet serves desserts imported all the way from Italy, we can't wait to go there and try it out ourselves.

When you have hundreds of small circular macaroons with a different coating, flavours, and colours waiting for you!

Say hi to the indulgent chocolates as well.

One of the specialities of Palazzo Viva are the delectable desserts from the masterful hands of Chef Denis Dianin – co-owner, master pastry chef and recipient of the AMPI (Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani) award.

I was super in love with Italian sandwich when I was in Venice. so I gave a shot and see if, well, if they import the bread from Italy too? Argh, taste normal like the local bakery but, however sandwich roll always make me feeling to have the flavour in every bite of the sandwich roll.

Healthy fruit juices, anyone?

Part of the interior display, so that you know a lot of wine varieties. Palazzo Viva can accommodate up to 180 people in its indoor and outdoor venue, but bear in mind, Bangsar has always been busy, so you might find difficult to find parking. And with open-door concept, those who sit at the outdoor area will feel the humid atmosphere.

This snack reminds me of the deep fried onigiri. Oh well, all deep fried snacks are always good!

Various cold salad ready for you. But nah, I still prefer the fresh salad.

They do like to serve you hot food in stone claypot or mini pan.

Carbonara spaghetti, as you can see the portion looks small, but it is full to the max.

Lastly, a simple dessert calls it a day.

It would be a different way of enjoying Italian dining experience, yet with affordable price. Fresh homemade pasta, desserts that flew all the way from Italy.


Palazzo Viva

Address: 10-12, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mon-Sun: 9:00 am - 12:00 am

Tel: 03-2280 0060


Google Map: