Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pieface, Australia famous handcrafted oven fresh pies landed in Malaysia

June - July 2016: Yeepee! I noticed there are so many Pieface outlets in Australia, and now finally they are in Malaysia!

The Ampang outlet, I would say, quite comfortable and you gonna chillax as you dine at here. A big smiley face at the back to make sure you smile as you walk in.

So, what's so fancy about Pieface? Well, compared with other fast food like KFC, Mc'D, Pieface caters more for healthy, freshly baked oven pies. I went to PieFace at Ampang Point area as it is near to me.

Guess what? They have totally different recipes of pies when they landed in Malaysia. Ehem, not that they really imported from Australia, just that with it's licensing coming into Malaysia, we gonna change the recipe to please the Malaysia local flavours, don't you think?

As you can see, we have: curry chicken pie, creamy mushroom...

Black pepper chicken...

However, I couldn't recognize each pie with its unique smiley icon face and its flavours... Hence, I refer to their flyers, so that I know what other flavours they have:

Spicy chicken, black pepper chicken, creamy mushroom (vegetarian), curry chicken, classic mince beef, beef rendang, chicken mushroom, and chunky beef steaks...and most important, PieFace is halal.

small mini pies priced at RM5, and the big pies are at RM 7.50....well, healthy fast food, awesome...

Oh, well, you don't only get pies at Pieface, they serve hot drinks, iced drinks, tea, juices, frappe beverages, and your favourite soft drinks to go along with their signature pies.

All you got to do is, order at the counter, and you be munching on your pies and drinks without really waiting for long.

See all these cute pastries and bakeries? I was like, huh, I can even eat my sweet lovely pastries and cakes at here? As in Pieface serves cakes and croissants, and even sandwiches? Well, good for those who ain't craving for pie, yet love to have other choices of food and desserts though.

In the end, it was a nice healthy pie session, where I can really feel those extra fillings as I took a bite of each pie. Eat while it was served hot, and you can feel the fillings of each pie is so awesome and delicious. 

So, well, what are you waiting for? Come and get yourself a pie!


Website: http://www.pieface.com.my/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/piefacemy/

Currently, you can get Pieface at Sunway Pyramid, Ampang Point, Wangsa Walk and some of the BHPetrol Kiosk. Click on their website to find out more.
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