Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fine Casual Dining @ Franco in Avenue K

9 April 2016 - Yet another weekend going to the shopping mall. With the hot weather and air full of haze and smoke, you can feel the slight warm in the shopping centre.

I was gonna give my sister a treat for her birthday. she decided to go to Franco to give a try.

Well, it's a 2 floor restaurant, with the upper floor giving you more spaces for you to enjoy. Yeap, we are at the upper floor.

The waiters are basically foreigners, probably from Bangladesh; they couldn't understand what we want, when we ask and speak with them in English. We want to know what's ingredients in the dish, they said they don't know. Hmm...with the atmosphere and such environment, kinda expect at least those who take order would recommend or understand simple basic English inquiries.

We try on this Special franco salad, Japanese style, with lots of salad vegetables, white tofu, and nice sesame seeds and sesame oil. I would say this Japanese Franco salad will be something different if you are tired of the typical normal salad.

Carbonara pasta RM 22.80 - sliced chicken ham/ bacon with the raw eggs in the middle, kinda yucky for me....to have raw egg mix with pasta! It is average.

Franco French Toast with a waiting period of 20 minutes to be served to you. Priced at RM 17.80, vanilla as the tops of all the warm french toast, I would say I pretty love this sweet toasts. They offer some honey syrup aside, in case you don't like the toasts to be too sweet for you.

Worth for money? nah, not really...probably can get better stuff with the price. Dining area is all good, need improvement on their staff, to train them least with the English languages.

There is some special food, but others are pretty much you can get elsewhere.


Franco Malaysia
FRANCO @ Avenue K, KL:
G-11, Avenue K, 156 Jalan Ampang, 50450, KL
+603-2181 2808

For their other branches, you may check out their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FrancoMalaysia/timeline

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