Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hangover Hen's Night with Male Stripper

28 Nov 2015 - So, my good friend, Celine was about to get married....Hooray, bless her to get married with her loved ones! So what's next? In KL, we hardly can get wild nights, but.....this is what had happened!

So normally most of the ladies will go dinner, club, and then bye bye. Yawn....some make it more interesting, all dressed up like a fairy tales princess, with all those pink hair band and magic wand just to make the group being noticed...but it is definitely not my style.

And then, I was thinking, how can it be so boring? and then, Magic mike appeared in my mind...sneaky...

Ah ha, hired a male stripper as a hen's night gift! LOL!

So we all the ladies look for male stripper fee online....but was wondering what kind of male stripper will be showing up...

Maybe someone like this?

Oops, sorry to make you spitting out the water if you are drinking water while reading my blog.

And then, we had a hot discussion in the whatapps group, and turned out one of our ladies' bf willing to become the stripper! Angpow in the undies upon finish his strip tease. Ok la, deal!

We booked a private room to enjoy the show, and then we invite all the ladies friend to come and enjoy the show.

And here are some of the shots:

Ms lady waiting for her stripper. blindfolded, putting on pink veil, and with the bride-to-be banners, and being tipsy drinking beer.

Tada, here comes the male stripper! It started off with some sexy dancing moves, but without music, how can it be? We tried to link youtube music hits to my mini portable bluetooth, but there was always interruption and we hardly played the song nicely. But, the male stripper still proceed to perform his task as the mood was there.

Celine was asked to touch a masculine male stripper. She touched him but she was so shy that she looked at us instead of the male stripper. And then the spanking of the belt being naughty and nice, dancing around Celine, taking off his top, pants, and...and...haha, we have mercy okay? Stripper didn't remove his undies.

And here is our male stripper, jeng jeng jeng! John Giovanni.

We decorate the private suite with colorful balloons to celebrate the hen's night.

Our ladies night to be precise, thanks for all ladies who made the hen's night happening!

Later on, we went to the bar - Remedy in Scott Garden to continue our drinking with our guy friends.

So you see me, and my best friend, Celine. Here she is still conscious.

But here, you can see, all of them do not know what is happening. they are super drunk! We get Celine to go every table and play games, punish the loser by drinking. What games we had? The simple 1,2, juice..followed by hugging, kissing, etc. some passed out, some knocking each other off while walking on hiigh heels. We tried to get one of our guy friend to take off the underwear but he is reluctant. Ended up he was forced to take off his undies in the suite.

Most of us knocked off with all the alcohols. And yeah, we overnight in the suite and checked out the next day.

It was fun. At least, not the normal clubbing hen's night.

Anyway, if you are looking for stripper (no hanky panky or escort service okay), found this blog offering such services:

So how was your bachelor/ hen's night? Share with us!
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