Friday, September 25, 2015

When Chinese meet Italian in Summer 2013

Sept 2013 - Summer is always good for us, as we Malaysian are from a hot humid weather tropical country. So, adjusting into Summer in Italy was all good.

And so, my mother joined me for the trip, as she represents our family side to attend our wedding function.

Exploring the backyard garden of the house:

Grapes are ready to be eaten, or to be processed into wine soon, drinka drinka!

Zucchini flower. I super love this, especially when chef deep-fry the flower into this.

And I saw this horse carriage cinderella story outside of the church.

When my mom presenting all kind of Chinese medicated oil to papa Vittorio. Remember don't drink it! One speaking English, and another one speaking Italian. Definitely don't know what is going on, but when we are all tipsy after drinking wine, surprisingly we can communicate using body language and signage.

Italian loves to give us flowers while Chinese always give red packet angpow, money in red packet.

When we try to ask them to drink Malaysia white coffee, instead of espresso....

When my mom tried to decorate the whole house like her house...which is full of good luck, good fortune Chinese decorations...

When I found vintage radio stereo set in one of their relative's house, but for us, normally we will just throw it away, as we have not much space to keep old stuff and I think very least people nowadays keep old things.

Trying to get hold of the beast tractor, for few seconds....

We buy some bak kut teh herbal soup base and cooked bak kut teh. My mom, Veron said: "Chinese must eat rice!" And so, they were eating risotto (rice) and bak kut teh soup. However, we were wrong to put Chicory vegetable, too bitter....but...but...the whole pot of bak kut teh pork ribs? not a single drop of soup left in the pot.

Beautiful garden for city born girl like me, feeling appreciated with what we can get easily. Imagine, how difficult life was when we have no food, and we have to plant everything by ourselves...

And yes, the beautiful are my sunshine....

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