Friday, September 11, 2015

Thong Kee Coffee Shop Cheras, the real Hailam coffee and crispy butter bread

*Lately I got this 30 mins morning breakfast in Thong Kee, the latest breakfast photo during the weekdays, what a breakfast rush!

6 Sept 2015 - So, my big brother is back from Singapore, and as usual, we eat feast like a beast. It is as if we are just release from the prison, and eating like there's no tomorrow.

Our lovely Aunty Jennifer, as usual, just hop into our car and join us for meals. Just that on this very day, and out of my entire life record, she suggested a coffee shop and keeps on say we must go to this coffee shop in Pandan Indah.

Never seen her being so aggressive in promoting a coffee shop, where else, she has never proposed any foodie place at all. So, I was surprised, and also I have doubts on her choices.

Well, people keep surprising me as usual. Either those who is good in food, always write how good or great the food was, but sometimes, it was just a disappointment; or it can be someone who is know nothing about internet, would recommend you based on their foodie experiences, and ended up, it was really good as they said.


And so, we found the place - Thong Kee Hai Nam Coffee Shop, Pandan Indah, Cheras. You will see the coffee shop at the same row of 99 SuperMart.

Their traditional hailam coffee. simple just giving you the aromatic local coffee taste, rich, just nice.

They created special name for some of their drinks and their food. This is one good marketing idea, as it triggers customer's curiosity to ask what is the meaning of the special name.

They have this 1+1 drink, which is their hai lam coffee mix with xi mut milk tea,

and then they name their kaya toast bread as some 'toasted snow butter',I think it referring to their toasted bread with cold frozen butter melting along with the bread into your mouth.

Their toasted bread, with a spread of kaya, and butter, with the choices for you to choose white bread or wholemeal bread.

Kaya is too sweet, but the cold frozen butter melting on the bread spread, and so, it is melting in your mouth as well.

Butter spread on crispy toasted bread, with the help of fried egg and ham being in the middle, completing this as, I would say, a mini sandwich? However, I thought the tomato/ chili sauce is not necessary.

*I went back to the shop with my baby and husband for the 2nd and 3rd time, we try chee cheong fun, the pan mee and iced milk tea:

milk tea - aromatic and super nice

Okay, this will be my top choice of chee cheong fun, due to the flour to make the chee cheong fun tasted just the same like my childhood times. Hardly can find any good chee cheong fun nowadays.

The pan mee is cooked by the coffeeshop owner. They also sell pork noodles but we haven't tried it yet. Pan mee texture is so smooth and so delicious, and you just want more after completing one bowl of it.

*However, we have tried the Sarawak kolo mee stall, and pork ball noodle stall, both are just normal, nothing to shout about. 

My aunt told me their main HQ is in Bentong, Pahang, and the happiest thing is when we see Chinese as the main coffee sifu maker, instead of the foreigners, you see, all the coffee making and bread toasting, we still prefer the locals.

their services are good and efficient. We get our orders within 15 minutes, and let me remind you, the coffee shop is totally packed and crowded with people!

Now, this is a real Hailam coffee, and the most awesome part is, reasonable price (the coffee costs like RM 1.70 - 2.30), well, their bread and butter won't be expensive either.

Would I come back again? Hell yeah, given the price and the food taste, plus seeing the coffee maker is local Chinese, I will be coming back, jeez, I sound like I found my long lost relative, but kind of, because it is so difficult to find good local coffee nowadays....

and oh yeah, for once, I trust my aunty's recommendation, haha!

Thong Kee Hai Lam Coffee shop

17 and 19, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23E Pandah Indah, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening 6am - 5pm, Tues- Sunday
Closed on Monday

Hp: +60 16-939 3271


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