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Suki Jezz Marriage Italian Style 2013

Sept 2013 - Previously, I blogged about Chinese Wedding Custom. And so, We are going Italian wedding style! As I am not a Christian, my wedding will not be held in the church. But that was okay, I was thinking a bit of Cinderella story with the pumpkin ride, the horsemen, and the castle. I was told to say bye bye to my horse ride, but yes to my castle wedding, yee ha!

On 5 Sept 2013, we took our pre-wedding photoshooting in the beautiful Venice, city in the sea, and Murano, 1.5 km of north to Venice.

Murano houses were painted in different colours so that the fishermen could recognize their house after going to sea to catch fishes for few months during the olden days.

We made a quick stop in Venice as well.

My wedding gowns were sponsored by Michael Hoo, photographer

We didn't take photos in gondola boat as it was an expensive ride.

Now, both of these photos were taken by my mother. There were another two professional photographers were busy taking photos for our wedding pictures. However, it was so disappointing and frustrated, as 2 years later, we want to take back the photos. The studio photographer simply just refused to give us the original copies of the photos. The worst part is when we walked in into the studio when we were in Italy, we only get back the photos in super low resolution and no touch-up at all. What the?! and their price is so expensive!

8 Sept 2013 - Our official wedding day. The bride and groom were not allowed to see each other on the day before the wedding day, something like a bachelor wild night out thing. So I stayed over at his sister's house in the mountain.

My husband's niece arranged a hair stylist and make-up artist for me. I like the hair style, but the make-up...was totally a no-no for me. You see, the MUA is used to make-up for the European and the make-up usually in darker or tanned make-up base.

Ms African look of the day

and I end up like putting charcoal as make-up! I should have make-up for myself if I know I turned out to look like this. But, what to do? no time, and no experience. I just powdered up my face with white powder foundation base and rush off for the wedding.

And instead of the horse carriage, I got to ride on the longest limousine I had ever seen in my entire life. Spoilt brat I am. Heard that Bob Sinclair took the exact same limousine too, wow, feel like a celebrity at that moment.

Upon arrival to my husband family house, I was greeted with lots of blessing messages!

All our guests were enjoying some finger food, cakes, light food as we held our tea reception in the house.

Our main family and guests photo!

I like their decoration with the white and red lanterns hanging on the tree and tied up with long white ribbons to the fencing and gates.

And so, we went to 'our' castle - Castello di Roncade

Roncade castle offers good stay, doing wine production, wine tour, and cater for events and functions.

It is a real castle!

Husband tried to become the male rapunzel while I am asking him to let his hair down, but not long enough for me to climb to the top to reach out to him.

I got to toss the flower to the single ladies behind me, to wish the one who received the flower, will get lots of love and blessing. Well, actually the tradition was, whoever get the flower will married next, wink.

Introducing the Michieletto family - 8 children, from eldest till youngest.

With other relatives to have a photo session together...

I super love this, I got to see the real Castle musical marching troop! See all their traditional costumes and the flags.

Don't take the bride away! Making fun of my husband.

We had the real cake cutting ceremony. (Pss, in Malaysia, normally we use a fake wedding cake to do the ceremony).

I switched to my 3rd wedding attire, a loose red cheongsam. It was a last minute purchase, as I bought a black cheong sam, and only realized that we are not allowed to wear in black under their tradition as well. Hmm, when you thought only Chinese have the myths and beliefs....

The food in the castle was splendid! And we go drunk and tipsy....

We thank our guests with this mini confetti - sweets and a mini chinese bag purse

And this is the best present that we had received. My husband college mates from the f&b school managed to get these 2 bottles of vintage wine that were 'born' on the same year as we were! So classic!

Sincerely signing off with love,

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