Thursday, July 16, 2015

OXYDRINKS, 22 wholefood supplements (promotion code)

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As a PR writer, a role as a wife, and a mother, time is really super limited for me. I want to cook healthy meal, but really have no time; plus after work, I need to take care of my baby. I do not want to take purely on all those kind of health supplements also (jeez, not all health supplements are healthy okay?) 

As I was always health cautious, I was introduced to try Beauty Talk newly launch health wholefood supplement - OXYDRINKS

As usual, we will go and do some research on the product, so I went to Beauty Talk website:

and here are the simple descriptions for Oxydrinks:

  • A Complete Natural Healthy Wholefood.
Now here is the catch. wonder why Oxydrinks is not categorized as a drink supplement? It is because Wholefoods stand for foods that are unrefined, do not contain any added sugar, salt, trans-fat, coloring, flavouring and artificial ingredients. such a great info! 

  • Japan formulation and awarded FIRST BRAND AWARD 2015!

    (trusting the brand since Japan is an advanced country and it is not easy to get brand award)

  • The Power of Colored Phytonutrients! Phytonutrients = Any substance, of plant origin, that provides nutrition; a phytochemical
  • No Sugar, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colours and Flavours, No Cholesterol (Healthy, my whole family, and those with health or diabetic problem can definitely enjoy this!)

Even kids drink OXYDRINKS @.@

  • Blend with 22 Natural Nutritious (Can you imagine having all 22 food into one single wholefood? This is wholesome and awesome!)

    OXYDRINKS™ combined 5 colored natural whole plant-based foods from RED, GREEN, BLACK, WHITE AND YELLOW with 3 special foods - HIRSUTELLA SINENSIS, MORINGA OLEIFERA & SIBERIAN GINSENG promotes metabolism, increase body stamina to achieves healthy body, purify body naturally and promotes harmony in our bodies and keep us vital. 

Reading on the info, seems like OXYDRINKS is the ideal wholefood for those who are looking towards a healthy lifestyle

Some home cooked chef are really born with creativity, they even use OXYDRINKS to make healthy food for the family!

Best part, my friend, OXYDRINKS is HALAL.

Easy and convenient, as in small packaging. Just bring the sachet to the office, or just place one whole tin at your home or office.

So this is me, trying out OXYDRINKS. See the unrefined food? This shows that the nutrition of the original food are well-kept as they are being blended into powder form. I smell brown rice, spinach, carrot, and......this is so nice!

After trying out for 1 week, I really feel less tired, more energetic, and of course, going to the toilet to do my 'poop thing' is even easier!

OXYDRINKS - Nutritious, Healthy, Convenient.

Oh ya, I get to know that OXYDRINKS and BEAUTY TALK are having a friend referral program, by using my promo code CWAASVEZ53, you can enjoy RM 10 discount off the total bill! not only OXYDRINKS, but ALL the items, yeehaa! The promo code is valid from July till Sept 2015, so start shop now at and enjoy the discount :)

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