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Suki Jezz holiday in Thailand – Day One Free and Easy

My first holiday trip in Thailand – Day One Free and Easy

4-7 Jan 2013: Yee pee, a terrific holiday again! This time round, I went for a holiday at my neighborhood country – Thailand, for a free and easy tour. This holiday tour was a lovely Christmas gift from Mr Federico, my beloved and adorable partner.

You must be surprised that I go as far as to Europe country, but not even Thailand or Singapore! Well, guess depends with who and at the most suitable time for a lovely trip! If you ask me to travel alone, no way! Way too boring!

4 Jan 2013 - So we decided to go to Phuket, Thailand with Federico’s best friend, Danielle. We booked Tune Hotel and I must say, thumbs up for Tune Hotel, as the hotel is clean, tidy and affordable price.

Tune Hotel, Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Bear in mind that we were there during peak seasons, even the motels, or any backpacker hotels are charging like a four-star hotel price!

Thailand is really full of tourists. You can see almost half of the crowd are foreigners and travelers, guess they love the sunshine in Thailand!

What I don’t really like is the things or souvenirs are being marked up at an unreasonable price due to the high traffic of holiday tourists. Some of the locals even doubled up the original price, especially the tour packages. I believe if you do not ask for a discount, they will just charge you the most expensive price they willing to charge you. You need to be real professional to bargain for the lowest deals.

We stopped by at one of the outdoor bars - Nina Kangaroo Bar, which is located at one whole stretch of road full of mini bars.

Nina: 080 461 3796, address: Patong OTOP shopping paradise, Rat-U-Thit 200 pee Rd. , Patong Kathu Phuket 83150


Well, all bars are just the same, somehow, we feel comfortable to hang out at this bar, where we visited the same old bar everyday.

As for the Thailand food, the price more or less will be the same, but of course, restaurants will be charging higher than the food stalls by the street. Street food pictures? There you go:

(All Thailand food are spicy and hot, drink lots of water or beer if you can't stand the heat and spicy flavours!)

Salted BBQ fish

You can find this anywhere! Cho cho food stalls on the road!

Uncle prepares pork noodle soup... (50 thai bhat)

Tiny flat noodles/ kuey teow with pork slices, pork ball, dumpling, and vegetables
Aunty is preparing Thailand salad

Mini crab will be served with the salad....crunchy and crispy!

Slices of mango, cucumber, tomatoes, peanut and spicy chilies (50 thai bhat)

Well, to your surprise, not all restaurants are necessary hygiene, and later let me tell you my tale of the ‘disaster’ happened to me on this trip.

So here are some amazing photos I had taken for my first day in Phuket, Thailand:

Here I am, Phuket!

Let's go to the beach, need rent the resting chairs...crap...

Long Live Thailand King!

Footstep on Patong Beach...

Sawadeekap, Mr MC'D

We stopped by at Tropica Bungalow Restaurant, and had our first Thailand meal. Decent, and delicious!

First try, Glass noodle with prawn salad! at Tropica Bungalow Restaurant, refreshing!

Err, do you understand this sign?Genuine Fake watches? what the!?? so is genuine or fake?


This is to show you how flexible and strong underwear, and this is suitable for all sizes for men, haha!

I mean...come on!

Cute display in the shopping centre...

Don’t worry, we go shopping, and the husband will stay there being well taken care of!

Are you sure that you gonna leave your husband to them? LOL

And finally, we get our traditional Thailand massage!A massage centre near to Weissbier and Wine or Odin's Guesthouse, Patong, Phuket, 83150.

Cracking, pain, pain!

Nice painting...

Thai kickboxing show...but is it really worth it? seems too good to be true

At night, we went for this air-conditioned restaurant when we are on the way to Bangla Street.

Fresh seafood display

Singha beer, famous in Thailand

My favourite, fresh oysters!

Fried vegetables

Pineapple fried rice
Seafood tomyam is a must!
Steamed fish with a twist of lime

And then, we passed by this famous restaurant: 

This is packed! wonder why? we didn't manage to go in though...

Oh la la, in Bangla street, where all the pubs, bars, and nightclubs were located at here, we went for the famous Ping Pong show, sexy transgender dance show (they are gorgeous), strip dance, girl using their private parts to do some skills, like puffing ciggarette, opening a soft drink can, putting string, pin and needles in their private parts, controlling a pen and write words, pushing a banana, insert a pin and aim at balloons and shooting at the balloons...this is really fun! Of course, no photos are allowed, so you have to be there to see these with your own eyes!

Pole dancers

Transgenders dance on the table

To be continued......


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