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Suki Jezz holiday in Thailand – Day 3 Island tour

My first holiday trip in Thailand – Day 3 Island tour 


6 Jan 2013 - Referring to my previous blog about my tremendous diarrhea problem, I woke up feeling lifeless, but still have to go to the sea for the snorkelling tour.

Island hopping and snorkeling will take one whole day. It takes 1 or 1 and a half hour ride of speed boat to reach the first island. If you choose to rent their bench chairs, it will be roughly (75 thai baht) per chair.

I can tell you I do not dare to eat anything in the morning, and my stomach has been cleared off from everything. So, to play safe, I have to sit in the ferry, didn’t manage to go down for snorkelling, feeling drowsy and slept through the whole island tour. What to do?

So here are the some of the islands that we went:

Phi Phi island, Maya Bay island,  and Khai Nai island

 At Khai Nai Island:

At here, you can see we have wonderful massage service, by applying sunblock for this handsome guy.

Daniele: Sir, sunblock, sir?

Federico: Si si si!

Federico: Put more at the, left, right...

More views at Khai Nai Island...

Lunch was served when we were at Khai Nai island.

Maya Bay

I believe we made a few stops in the middle of the ocean, but i am semi-conscious plus i do not know how to swim, so i didn’t manage to hear what was the name of the other islands, just manage to see joyful people jump down into the sea.

Daniele is trying to float or fly?

Once we were back to Phuket, i was so tired over this diarrhea thing as it has been attacking me non-stop since yesterday, that i had to walk 15 minutes to go to a proper pharmacy to get anti- diarrhea medicine. Luckily, it killed my bacteria in my stomach and it had cured me.

So what can I eat? Well, still food street, but definitely not the same stall we went last night!

Chiang Mai Seafood, mobile: 08 1781 2073, opens from evening onwards, this stall located near to Krungthai bank, along the road of Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Rd.

Thailand salad

grilled fish

Grilled sotong/ squid


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