Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Catch at Frankfurt Airport, Germany

A Catch at Frankfurt Airport, Germany

30 August 2013 – after we have settled all the Chinese wedding custom, we head off to….yes, ITALY! So we took the MAS airline heading back to Venice. We stopped by the Frankfurt Airport in Germany for a few hours while waiting for our next flight to Venice, Italy.

So what is German famous for? You cannot miss German sausages, and all the pastry and breads are being served.

German sausages!

My model (mother) with lots of breads!

So many choices!

They can sell all, I guess...

Fresh from the oven....

As sweet as you...

Sweet pie...

Guess the only way to kill time at the airport is to have a drink at the bar.

Let's have a drink!

Huge pork knuckle

Crispy pork for sale!

 Don't worry about the communication part, they speak good English.


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