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Johnnie Walker® - Step Inside the Black Circuit Singapore 2011

Want to know about Johnnie Walker which has been around the world over 190 years? Walk into the story of his with me...

History of Johnnie Walker:

Back in Scotland in the year 1820, John Walker has a dream of blending the perfect whiskey. After 30 years of strong determination, John Walker began creating exclusive blends in his shop.Ever since then. ‘Walker’s Highland Whiskies’ were born by then and John’s reputation as an expert blender spread throughout the west of Scotland.

Want to know what you have actually drank inside Johnnie Walker?

It contains a blend from over 40 malt and grain whiskeys, with a minimum of 12 years or more of maturity years.

Interested to know the hard work behind Johnnie Walker?

It has been blend for two decades in the planning and drawn from up to 700 casks from across Scotland, matured in a similarly different methods. This is not an easy process for a Master Blender,but with the effort of Johnnie, this very fine whiskey bring us the world the best results and biggest flavor you ever had.

Achievements of Johnnie Walker:

1. Honored almost annually with gold, silver and bronze awards in the world’s most prestigious drinks competitions.

2. Johnnie Walker Black Label is the most awarded deluxe Scotch whisky in the world.

Malaysia version of Johnnie Walker with the campaign of 'keep walking'

3. In 2005, Johnnie Walker teamed up with Formula 1 constructor team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes to spread awareness of the "Never Drink and Drive" message. Both teams have had a fantastic partnership, driven by the same desire to constantly innovate in the pursuit of success.


 Future Dream within Johnnie Walker:

Quality and consistency have been the main reason why Johnnie Walking for so many years successfully. Being able to do the greatest at South East Asia and to the world, it is time where Johnnie send a message and event at Singapore, by 'keep walking'.

Events of Johnnie Walker:

Their "Keep Walking" campaign and since 2005, their partnership with Team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes in F1 Racing with the mission of world-class achievement in motor sport, make the event more stylish and successful.

In conjunction of celebrating the world known JOHNNIE WALKER® , the JET BLACK race party will be held at the Fullerton Heritage district, one of the best party venue in Singapore. To add up this sizzling hot event, Johnnie’s party has been spiced up with the world’s best DJs, and stylish cocktails party. You will also have a chance to meet world of Formula 1 drivers, especially the top Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ drivers, Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button.

As stated by Charles James Wright, Brand Manager, JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia said “JOHNNIE WALKER®, the world’s number one Scotch whiskey and the market leader in Malaysia, has been building a good campaign awareness and give a great party to all Johnnie's loyal fans at Malaysia.

So, after reading my blog, I bet you must have a blood rush of experiencing the ultimate VIP race party at the JOHNNIE WALKER® JET BLACK in Singapore on the 24th and 25th September during GP weekend.

Party people at Johnnie Walker's event

Here is the link to a JOHNNIE WALKER® viral video on Youtube:-


Here are some information back then 2009 Singapore Grand Prix and why I should be in the part of the party:

1. The 2009 Singapore Grand Prix (formally the 2009 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix) was the fourteenth race of the 2009 Formula One season. It was the second Singapore Grand Prix to be part of a Formula One Championship and the tenth Singapore Grand Prix overall. It was also the second Formula One race to be held at night. The race took place on 27 September 2009 and was contested over 61 laps at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore. The race was won by reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton and he drove for McLaren-Mercedes team. He won the top by 1hour 56minutes and 6.337seconds.

The Johnnie Walker® JET BLACK race party is the most talked about party of the Singapore Night Race, featuring a stellar line up of the world’s best DJ’s, stunning interactive party experiences, and stylish JOHNNIE WALKER® cocktails. Hence,

2. I want to walk the dreams with Johnnie. With a glamorous night race party at Singapore, the top best music and stunning people makes me value Johnnie even more. I would like to thank Johnnie Walker and the social media as an effort to create this life opportunity, thank you!

Readers, please join the JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia Facebook page ; link as below:-


 Messages from JOHNNIE WALKER®:-

Thanks for enjoying the world’s #1 Scotch whisky responsibly, never drink and drive; Passion. Innovation. And a driving desire for progress.




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