Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Suki Jezz first Futsal Game (Indoor Football Game)

My first Futsal Game (Indoor Football Game)

29th May 2011 – so here I am, doing the usual thing, browsing through my Facebook, and checked on my e-calendar where all events appeared based on dates. So, my second family – budget traveler, was organizing a futsal game. So, since I have not tried this, I want to give a shot.

So, I did call up my buddy, Ms KT to join me in this game. We had a good lunch at Viva (a shopping centre located at Cheras, KL), and then we drove back Puchong, rested a while, and way to go to futsal stadium – Subang Grand Sports Planet

26- 28 people showed up! Imagine that! There are mix of girls and guys, some are experts, some are beginners, and otherwise, all are so mixed up! So we divided ourselves into two teams, one is Budget Travelers, the other one is from Likemind. So we went on a game, the funny part is there are no scores, we just shout when anyone scored.

The best part, I was hit at my face by the strike of the ball, not once, but twice! There are stars all around my eyes, but I told them I am fine and try to snatch and defend the ball still. There was a lot of running, laughter, and scream from the supporters. Some fell, some laughed, some hit the wall, and everything appeared to be fun.

So the game finished from 5- 7pm, I wanted a group photo, and they did, with cute stuff happening around in front of the camera. I would like to thank Emery and Zoey for organizing such a great fun game for everyone!



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