Monday, January 3, 2011

My aim, my dream, needs help from all around the world - travel

My aim, my dream, needs help from all around the world.

Aim: - to travel and explore
Where: - around the world
When: as soon as possible, and once I have my basic skills of swimming and cycling
How: I plan to backpack; or work while traveling in 195 countries in the world; or teach English when I am in the country that I will be staying temporary.
Details: need people and friends from the world to offer their accommodation and bring me around (to save time), and in return, I will work temporary when I stay in the country to ease the burden of expenses. I will offer my places at Malaysia if any of the backpackers wanted to drop by Malaysia for holiday and traveling.

Problem facing:
Financial problem, willing to travel with minimum budget

I do not know who to talk to or which organization or media to turn to yet, I do understand many people dream of traveling the whole world, but I aim for being a travel blogger or writer, and travel with honesty and transparent, not being in human’s greed or for own profit.

Countries I have been to: only my motherhood country that is all. I am fresh with nothing at all, but my adrenaline blood is telling me just go for travel and exposed to cultures.

Guideline: any? Hope you can help me.

I am sincerely writing all this using my own words. I am a fresh person, please guide me or tell me what do you think and suggest.


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Enjoy Life in Good Ways,
Suki Jezz
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