Ebook and Travel Postcard

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Give me a postcard or photo as you travel

If you enjoy travel as much as I am, can I ask for a postcard or a photo as a gift whenever you are on holiday? I plan to start to collect postcard and photos from all around the world. You can choose to post to me or we can meet up in person if you are in Malaysia. In return, I will write about your postcard! Just contact me at piggy091385(a)gmail.com or skype/ wechat me at piggy091385

eBook from My Blog

this is done using canva, yeepee!

Do you like any of the blog posting from my blog? Would you like to save an eBook from my blog?

Well, people like me who has no graphic design sense, and still facing problem with Adobe and Photoshop, would wonder if there is any nice ready-made templates for eBook, and I found this!

Introducing you https://www.canva.com/ , a simple design template with nice layout! I simply love this, because it is easy, simple, convenient, and save my time.

What you can do is, just pick the blog text and images that you like from my blog, and drag and drop in canvas ebook template.

Or, if you prefer me to help you with the eBook design, these are the simple steps:

  1. Pick 3 - 10 blog links from my blog, the one that you like.
  2. Send those blog links to me via piggy(a)gmail.com
  3. I will customize and design your eBook, each ebook management fee will be USD 5 but might be vary if you request for different layout or different images apart from my blog.
  4. You bank in to me via Paypal or local bank account.
  5. I prepare the eBook in PDF file and send back to you.

It is awesome to keep an ebook with memorable blogs that you wish that you can keep.

Let's have fun memories together!

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