Monday, December 11, 2017

Lobster nasi lemak at grandmama's

10 Dec 2017 - So sinful to finish this whole milk creamy curry 奶油咖喱 500g baked lobster (half of a lobster, real stuff) comes with the classic nasi lemak. Much to the trend of lobster meat at Singapore or sky avenue..some might wondering how does it taste like to enjoy the premium lobster seafood together with classic coconut rice, served with sambal, fried paku vegetables, and the normal nasi lemak side servings. Ps: the peanuts is at the extra huge size than the normal peanuts, don't ask me why!
Very flavorful, also my first time finishing so much rice, despite I'm not a rice fan. In the beginning, seems dilemma as don't know which dish on the plate for me to start with, end up all mixed up and rojak, lol. The last spoon was so full till I didn't eat anything till supper time. Catch the lobster Nazi leak till end Dec 2017. If response is good, they might extend till end Jan 2018. Priced at rm89-98+ available at all outlets. Meh~~
Grandmama is always assure big plate serving, savoury local cuisine.

Dinosaurs alive at Malaysia tourism Centre

10 Dec 2017 - Yes, I'm as scary as the dinosaur...dinosaurs alive traveling across Asia like an exhibition tour, located next to Malaysia tourism Centre at jalan Ampang, started since July 2017,ending soon in Jan 2018.
40 animatronic life- sized dinosaurs...moving and it will roar with their real sounds. My kid scared the shit out of his pants, screaming as we pass by all the jaws of the big lizard era. So, if you're a fan of dinosaurs, then rm50-75 adult entry fee is all worth it. There are the normal 3 airfloat playground, a simple movie theater of dinosaurs documentary film, the normal dinosaur gift souvenir, a fossil egg knocking for the kids (extra charge). Or else, you end up like me, hugging a 20kg frightening kid for 1 hour, instead of studying or learning the dinosaurs facts. Boy oh boy, whole body ache.

Beautiful Christmas decorations 2017 at pavilion kl

10 Dec 2017 - Such a busy hustle and bustle shopping centre, and most importantly they know, with a beautiful and spectacular festive venue set up, the traffic is at its top peak, traffic jam and full parking over the weekend, couldn't even find grabcar of taxi willing to go into pavilion. But then, lots of sparkling jingling hot air balloons, snow White deer, Santa, dwarfs, Merry go round rides, LINE mascots, much more than a festive memory. Yet pavilion brings the Xmas to you. You will probably spend 1 hour just for photo snapping and on ground activities.

I catch up with three little pigs and a big bad wolf - delicious comfort food, kids play area

3 Dec 2017 - Excuse for this imperfect food photos, as we were so hungry for a late lunch without eating anything for breakfast. Comfort food with much choices, price range of the average cafe price. Back then 2011, I thought it was pricey, but as for now, maybe everyone was numb as these are the standard price everywhere, for example a good big breakfast costs rm25, same goes with pasta etc. They don't serve the normal French fries, but the waffle fries. Portion is okay, not too big, not too small. For Eg, 2 pieces of average lamb steak served per plate order.
Buy 1 free1 for all coffee, happy hour beer at rm8.

Surprisingly, I really love their kids-play area, where quite a lot of nice books, toys and pretty much , your kids gonna be occupied. Oh yeah, just 2-3 tables nearby to the kids area, so better book your table!

Ladies night at changkat - Zion club

30 Nov 2017 -

1st, we went to Rock Bottom. 2nd, we hop onto 'Why Not'. Last but not least, we completely fall in love with Zion Club.

Zion is my preferred R and B club for now! Super love the DJ and the dance floors, the best is there r seats cater only for ladies. Ladies night free drinks but we'll, free drinks probably we don't know what's the mixture, drink in moderation, friends! Else, hangover, stomachache, headache, diarrhea and vomiting coming to you.

Superkidz indoor playground at shamelin mall

1 Dec 2017 - Indoor playground is a norm for family in the city, also when the rainy weather is not ideal for kids to play at outdoors. Went all the way to shamelin mall - superkidz indoor playground. The playground will be suitable for toddlers and kids who just want to have fun with slides, cars, sands sensory, swing, ladders, a coconut tree ball swing. Just that I don't understand why it's compulsory to charge a baby who can't even walk. The standard rules is as long as the baby is 6 months old, there's applicable charges. Sometimes it's the logical thinking and negotiations in good terms. A fun indoor playground but with such strict terms, perhaps the first and last visit. 

Lavish spa - 6 hours relaxation

30 Nov 2017 - Can't travel away from Kl? Budget tight? Well, if you aim for the normal spa, simple ala carte food, swimming, relaxation, check in at lavish spa perhaps. We were getting discount as their Jacuzzi and steam room are under maintenance (very disappointing), as both are my favorites. Anyhow, they also offer others massage, nails saloon at additional reasonable price. Probably we didn't like it because manager told us we can enjoy discount, but only inform us the discount is applicable if we join as a member upon check out. Place is small, but it is OK if it's not crowded. Heard most students spent the 24 hours package to use the basic facilities - food & drinks, movie, sauna, steam, Jacuzzi, gym, indoor games. The Jacuzzi photo displayed on their website is not as per the actual view, so much smaller from the picture. Service wise, all are fine.

Treatment Price List : 

  • Foot Reflexology 30min RM 58 
  • Foot Reflexology 45min RM 78 
  • Foot Reflexology 60min Rm 98 
  • Shoulder & back 30min RM 68 
  • Shoulder &; back 45min RM 88 
  • Shoulder &; back 60min RM 108 
  • Full Body Massage 60min RM 108 
  • Full Body Massage 90min RM 148 
  • Full Body Massage 120min RM 198

* Lavish Spa member entitled 20%off on massage treatments. All price not include GST. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Pusat sains negara - Bukit kiara

7 Dec 2017 - The colorful rainbow Pusat sains negara building could be one of the catchy sights at bukit kiara, crazy crowd on weekdays probably because it's school holiday and the centre's entry free till end Dec 2017. You will be welcomed by a simple fresh water fish aquarium. Level 1 - sound, light, thunder, energy, planets, reflection, most kids 'hijack' playground 
Level 2 - engine, atom, radiation, overcome phobia theatre.
Outdoor - challenging stairs and playground designed using different scientific setup. 
Lots of interesting visuals display on wall to test your eye vision. Also some science show based on the showtime.

I personally think that primary students maybe will spend longer time more on scientific terms n experience. For the kids, any button just press and see before after effect. We miss out the dinosaurs figure where you see upon coming in. That's more for picture moments. A quick kid tour would probably 2 hours.
Closed on Friday, very confusing directions and map. I heard the reason they close for maintenance was actually fix the same old damaged items, not much on upgrading, so we don't know the entrance fee starring next month, if price is worth to pay.

Ostrich wonderland at semenyih

7 dec2017 - Meet the beautiful chickaboo ostrich, which used to be a pet at home and later became the highway runner in June 2016!
Ostrich wonderland semenyih, entry fee between rm10-20, where you get to see most tame animals in the farm, for eg: chickens, ducks, goose, goats, horse,  ostriches. Some interesting facts: 1 Ostrich egg = 25 chicken eggs,you can buy the ostrich egg at rm50 and cook a big omelette. Ostrich normally only hatch the eggs during hot weather. Brain size smaller than it eyes, Black feather is the male, grey feather is the female. Quite a good explanation done by the owners on each animals, we fun facts about ostrich and the chicks, showing us the eggs' incubator. I would suggest to have a clear labelling and descriptions with some simple facts would be good, especially not everyone can hear the facts clearly. You can buy all kinds of different chickens, eggs, etc. Good farm maintenance, a chance to ride on the ostrich or horse. Two monkeys chained near to the canteen area, just for view of course. Kids were so excited but some were scared to see living things, need to bring the kids to outdoor and natural activities as much as possible, or else they only know the dishes are only to be seen on the table.