Monday, October 16, 2017

Crab generations - len seng

Good for someone who crave for crabs, intro you crab generations...heard they are famous for Oreo cheese crab, but we just prefer something back to basic. Order the butter cream with curry leaves, two crab at rm90. Not bad for a price for fresh crab. However, I can only taste the cream sauce at the shells, doesn't blend into the meat. 
Steam Thai style white squids was a splendid dish. Soft, fresh, the Thai sweet spicy sour sauce gives a perfect matching. 
Green mussels with ginger garlic cuts on top. Flesh was hard and the ginger sauce is too strong to be paired with the mussels. 
A bit down seeing the white mantou is those frozen, but not handmade. Of course, fried mantou gives you better dipping go with any crab sauce. You shall come here if you looking for fresh crabs, cheap price, lots of different varieties of cooking style.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Summer park Chinese seafood at Bukit tinggi

6/9/2017 -

Restoran summer park near Bukit tinggi/ bentong...a normal Chinese set up, two floors and oku friendly. At the backyard, are the beautiful greens for a short walk, and also their own grown vegetables. The moment I try their fried ying yang vegetables, I miss the god damn real fresh vegetables texture, meaning to say the veges we are eating now are just pesticides Chemical more than the real veges.Their catfish dried claypot style with lots of belly fats that I love, sizzling ,crispy and Chinese dark soy sauce are splendid.
Do come! Recommend!

Siaw kwee hot pepper soup kajang

7/9/2017 - Restaurant siaw kwee hot pepper soup at kajang. Strongly recommended by my mom because she says the food is seducing her to go back there many times, lol. Pepper drugs? Well, when it comes to hot pepper soup, you need to have the pepper spices, enhanced with fresh pork organs and meats, savoury soup base. And they meet all the requirements. Even the river fish is fresh and no soil texture. Well, seems it is river fish and not those rear in the pool. Affordable, we spent only Rm80 for everything. OK, now I know why it is so seducing, and siaw kwee opens two shop corner lots for their customers.

Batik fun walk 2017 - Let's support Batik Wear together

8/10/2017 - Finally, We as a family attending a simple batik fun walk...complete the whole round at titiwangsa, 3.8km, passed by knowing there's bicycle or trishaw rental for family ride...Poney ride, police horse patron...and we won the only mat salleh participant..jk.. Didn't won anything..just realized my big boy is crazy with running!

I do like the band with all the saxophone, trumpet, etc. Didn't get their band names, but boy, they are really good! They even perform 'Shuffling' song by LMFAO!

Guess who are the students busy taking photos with? Ouch, and I thought, okay, he is a local popular celebrity. In the end, my husband told me, he is Khairy Jamaluddin, our minister of sports and Youth Malaysia, oops! I always have the impression that our ministers are mature and senior, lol.

The whole walk takes place at Titiwangsa lake. It has been a while coming back to here.

A fun poney ride at RM1-1.50 for the kids. Didnt notice if there is any rides for the adults. 

Brisk walk as everyone is their batik wear.

The pink ladies with their fan, jonget jonget celebrating their Batik dance.

We are happy that we have clowns with big smile welcoming our arrival. Yes, we made it!

Upon closing, everyone is busy waiting for their lucky numbers to be called. Aiks, no luck, after waiting for almost 1 hour, I guess we just say bye bye.

The event organizer invited 100 plus, Milo, and Nasi Lemak Saleha, few batik booths, also all these free floating kids play area.

Everyone was so busy queueing for the Nasi Lemak Saleha and Milo.

Mei geng fatt - fresh Australian oysters

10/9/2017 -

Fresh Australian oysters rm11 per pc at mei keng Fatt Ampang. Dunno why there is so much icing, but definitely worth the price and it's freshness. I am surprised their oysters taste nicer than the one I had at Yamaguchi. Maybe the size is just nice, no need to crave for XXXXXL oysters.

Others Chinese food are....ok je..used to be delicious...Nothing much comment on the food then.

For chinese seafood, I would prefer SKH Riverview.

Taste the unique Sapore - Italian Spanish restaurant at Ampang


Enjoying my pici pasta, a fat version of spaghetti, with lots of cheese aroma, minced pork, mushrooms.... The hot green and red chilli padi sauce was given some Italian 'touch'! So spicy... Paired with the divine sangria just made a perfect tummy satisfaction and taste bud pleasure. Only at Sapore Ampang.

Now, have you heard of pici pasta? I still remember the melted cheese comes along with this pici pasta. The fat version of spaghetti!

Sangria is a fresh fruit cuts come along with red wine. Not really sweet, but tangerine twist instead.

Come over to Sapore to crave for more food adventure! Definitely recommend Sapore, it is so affordable, like spending only RM50 for comfort food + drink?

*Still missing pici pasta as I blog this, oh gosh! Also missing their Sunday paprika Spanish paella, suckling pig, their cold cuts and cheese pairing with everyday fresh made focaccia bread. The little tapas such as mini octopus, tuna much more!


Address: Sapore, 18, Persiaran Ampang, Desa Pahlawan, Ampang, 55000, Kuala Lumpur.

Operating Hours:
Mon – Fri: 11:30am – 3pm; 6pm – 11:30pm
Sat, Sun, PH: 11am – 11:30pm

Call: +603-42666362


Google Map:

Facebook Page:


I miss A and W waffles - classic fluffy waffle and root beer


I mean really, nothing beats the old school classic a&w waffle and the root beer... Adding on also fresh fried onion rings...i wonder if my next generations will get to enjoy a&w? Fluffy waffles with butter and syrup sauce...cashier saying less outlets nowadays as some complain a&w burgers are expensive. Rm10 minimum is the price... Sad.

Also, we are also allowed only to pay by cash. Aiks, I think all of us are pretty relying on credit or debit cards nowadays. Time to make some changes, A and W Malaysia!

Teow Chew Taste - Teo Chew Porridge

3/10/2017 -  Chinese says "long long time one time 久久一次" passed by n give a shot at this Restoran makan teochew 美后粥店 at Cheras. Does this mean everyone comes out feeling pretty after eating their porridge? Haha joking...

1st, ordered my typical basic mui choy and preserved vegetables.

2nd, I asked what's special here? Young Chinese guy says fried egg with bittergourd...true, not bitter, and still can taste that the bittergourds are nicely done.

3rd - special salted fish pork meat..interesting combination, at least I can't really find elsewhere.

4th packed clay pot chicken rice with salted fish on top. I love the smoked crispy rice at claypot at it's side. The taste, however is average.

Chinese guy asked: "are you eating all these by yourself?" I say ya, who else? He must be thinking OMG,such a hungry fat monster, haha!

N you must be thinking why bother eat teochew porridge with all these preservatives when you can just cook at home? No kaki MA......


NO 15 , BLOCK C JLN 2/101 TMN DESA AMAN, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Lot 179, Special Hair Saloon at Cheras - Scalp and Hair Treatment

3/10/2017 -
Recommended by mommy Agnes on lot 179 saloon at Cheras. Miu is the hair art director also the owner. You can see she is so serious in lecturing, guidance and sharing relevant information to me. Basically, I was complaining about I could'nt find the right shampoo anymore, as I can feel my scalp is hot and itchy, making me sctratching my broom hair everyday. Worse when I use a nature, paraben-free shampoo products, so I told her, I feel helpless, plus my hair is so out of shapre.

Through her phone and gadgets investment, Miu is scanning my scalp to do checking.

So this is before the scalp treatment.

Then she recommends me better use Scalp Recovery O2-Hair, since I have never did any scalp treatment before. It is my 1st time do scalp treatment, so high tech for her to do detailed checking on each customer hair condition

And this shows clean scalp after treatment.

I was like, "so I should start buying anti-dandruff shampoo?" She says, no, you are wrong. You are not facing dandruff issues, but your scalp isn't clean, that's all.

I am now here doing my steaming hair treatment for 10 minutes. My hair needs some nourishment once a while!

Believe she is using all real stuff, nothing comes cheap of course, some saloon might just use normal conditioner to do mask treatment...or using cheap stuff with no results. At least Miu gives you honest opinion. Also, I end up buying a RM 200 anti-ageing scalp treatment shampoo, hopefully my hair can be softer and easier to handle.

True enough, touchwood, I don't feel itchy on my hair scalp by far.

Come and look for Miu if you have not find your suitable hair stylist.

Lot 179 Saloon

179, Jalan Lancang, Taman Cheras Permata 2, 56100 Cheras, Jalan Lanchang, Taman Cheras Permata 2, 56100 Batu 9 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Open everyday 11am - 8:30pm

+60 3-2857 3233

DIY lantern for mid autumn festival

29/9/2017 - Didn't expect my boy will sit down n do the lantern, and we were so panic when there's fogging at the neighborhood.

Head spinning, panic rushing complete the lantern, worried not enough food but end up overloaded...

and I had made the most 'beautiful' lantern!

The workshop cafe at Sri Petaling - kids friendly cafe

23/9/2017 - the workshop cafe at Sri Petaling, located at 3rd floor. Signboard might not be visible for passer by. 

They provide big kids playground area,focus on holding lots of kids birthdays party of course. Either you pay your meal or you pay per entry fee without buying meal, rm15 at least. Still affordable.. Pasta was okay. Not sure how's the other food though. Good coffee as your kids busy playing, least you can chill out. 

the kiddie meal crispy chicken chop thin and very dry.

They will station one staff near the door just in case kids going in n out without you realise it, but still you need to take care and stay vigilant. Turn off is probably limited parking space in the happening sri Petaling shop lots area.

Restoran uncle meng - the popular char siew rice, really?

22/9/2017  Oh OK, so this is the legend of char siew rice that sell fast during lunch hour...everything only roasted - chicken, char siew, sure yuk. Char siew rice at Restoran uncle meng. Taking up two stalls meaning with all the roasted poultry hanging means they are selling off for real. 

But, was a disappointment for me that day. Char siew and siew yuk were so dry....boss, you bully me when I come to support you for the first time? Couldn't feel it is the best in Cheras as per say. 

Give a try on the steamed chicken hor fun too from another stall....the soup is pretty bland, luckily the chicken is still acceptable.

Restoran Uncle Meng

Lorong 1/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa, 55300 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: morning till 2:30pm