Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you mind what people say about you?

Do you mind what people say about you? 

Few years back, I will still care or scared when people choose to ignore me or say bad things about me. But now, I feel numb to it, in the end, me is me, not someone who judge or thought that they know us, anyway, they never been, because they are not me, same as me, I am not them.
Thank you if you are advising me with a care as a friend, but spank you if you come approach me by telling me what to do if you want it just for your own benefits or jealousy, or not satisfied or unhappy with who I am. If it is bad habit, I will accept your advice, but you judge me based on your thoughts, you are too into your world, learn to grow up and go out and explore more.
Anyway, I am too busy to bother what you say, haha!!
How about you? Yes, the one who is reading my blog! Share your words with me!


Johnny Ong said...

i wont close my ears totally. if the advice is helpful, why not. at times we cant see our own fault

if those words in which i think is totally rubbish, i will disregard them and wont let it affect my life. wouldn't let other ppl affect my life

jezz said...

yeah, agree no more...johnny, only immature or free people will do all unnecessary things :)